Watch Dragon Ball (DBZ) Super Episode 1 English Dub, Sub Online – The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 – The World Peace Prize. Who is getting the 100 Million Zeni?!

Dragon Ball Super the Japanese media franchise which was created by Akira ToriyamaThe story of the amazing fighter and savior of Earth Goku continues in the new series of DBZ Super which was started on July 25. The First Episode is quite interesting as we come to know that there are 12 different universes and each universe has their God of Destruction. This anime series can be watched on any mobile device as the video is compatible with all the devices and you can see the HD streaming movie without buffering.

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 Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 2

Summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 1

The adventure of Goku and his friends continues in the online series of dragon ball super. You must have gone through the previous episodes of dragon ball kai and dragon ball GT. Dragon ball super is all about how Goku a simple human is able to battle with the powerful gods of sixteen different universes. In the first episode of dragon ball super (dbz), you will see Goku in completely different attitude and energy also the Vegeta.

In the previous episode, you must have watched how Goku and his friends defeated Majin Buu and returned peace to the planet earth. It was a fierce battle and the whole earth shook with the impact of battle. Goku knew that this is not the ending and some other enemies will return to earth. So he continued his training and also trained Gohan for any problem. But Goku was not knowing that this time he has to fight with the gods of the universe. So as the title Dragon Ball Super (dbz)- Battle of gods.

Chi chi as always wanted Goku to get a job and for that Goku first entry is seen as a farmer. In this dubbed episode of Dragonball super, gotten and his friend trunks are seen searching a gift for Videl, who is soon going to be the sister in law as son Gohan is engaged to her. Goten and trunks first decide to give ring and makeup kit as a gift but found that they cannot afford any. Later both decide to head towards the hot springs as they heard that it improve the skin and makes it look younger.

Every human on earth assumes that Mr satan was the one who defeated Majin boo and as a reward, he was given 100 million zeni which he refused to take. He later decided to give the reward to Goku. Goku give that money to chi – chi so that he can continue his training and making him stronger for further threats and enemies. DBZ super episode 1 is interesting to watch as it introduces us with one of the most powerful enemies of earth i.e Beerus Sama. Also known as the god of destruction, Lord Beerus powers are incredible and this can be seen when he destroys the whole planet with just a blink.

Lord Beerus is finally awake and is his powers are unbeatable and incredible. Dragon Ball Super (DBZ) is all about the god of destruction from a different universe and Lord Beerus is one of them. Lord Beerus attendant Whis is a calm and powerful character who later come to know as the master of Lord Beerus. You can watch 1 episode of dragon ball super online in English dubbed as well as English subtitles enabled here.

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