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Dragon Ball Super Episode 26 – A Glint of Hope Shines Through in a Crisis! Time to Fight Back, Son Goku!

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Dragon Ball(DBZ) Super Episode 26 Summary

In the beginning of the episode Frieza and Goku after transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, continue their protracted battle and Frieza is attacking with full energy giving some serious blow on Goku. Goku was literally no match against the powers of Goku even after transforming into Super Saiyan God. Having no match against the raw power of Frieza, Goku manages to withstand and dodge attacks of Frieza.

But there was something strange about Frieza which seems to be his weakness. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 26, you will be watching the conclusion of the fight. The strange thing about Frieza is that she is progressively losing powers after each hard blow. Goku takes this as an advantage and manages to withstand some more time resulting in the complete drainage of Frieza’s powers. Frieza’s stamina and powers were substantially decreasing. Frieza himself fails to notice this and Vegeta orders Goku to take the advantage of this and finish him.

Before he has a chance to recover his powers and stand against him, it is better to finish him in one blow by giving a good counter attack. Vegeta said that if he didn’t finish Frieza he will be doing this by himself. After having some sarcastic talks and conversation between the two, Goku transforms back to Super Saiyan God enveloped in a blue aura. Seeing powering up Goku, Frieza also powers up and the fight again started. This time the punches and kicks were much harder than last time and Goku explains that he will not able to win this fight as he loses his stamina during the fight and cannot manage to cope up with the powers of Goku. After full power up, Frieza unleashes series of attacks on Goku which makes it difficult for Goku to handle and he falls on the ground.

He quickly becomes tired from the attack and runs out of breath. Frieza realizes that this is the time for him to give a hard attack on Goku and just then the magic happens. In the 26 episode of dragon ball super, Goku explains that the power is definitely increased by transforming into Golden Frieza but he does not manage to master the power. Frieza got angry and rushed directly to Earth immediately after gaining the golden form again.

The fight between Frieza and Super Saiyan God Goku continues at the planet of Earth. Frieza know that it is difficult for him to beat Goku bit he can destroy the Earth if he gets destroyed. Frieza after coming back to Earth mouths some inaudible words back to his friend. Goku knew that the fight is over and powers down. Goku tells him to leave Earth and leave his friends and family alone. In return, he will spare his life. A laser beam pierces Goku chest shot by Frieza friend and he falls on the ground. According to Frieza, Goku’s overconfidence gives him the advantage to kill him even with a simple laser gun. Watching this whole incident, Vegeta flies in between and stands in between saying that it’s his turn to fight. Watch next episode to know how Frieza succeed in destroying the earth and everyone else.


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